Breathe Records – DEA 40831 “Californication”

DEA 40831 “Californication”  
Original release date: 12/12/2012
Label: Breathe Records

Track Listing:
1. Bitch Bitch Bitch Make Me Rich (Feat. Amir) 2. Broke Ass Hoes 3. Calling Your Bluff (Feat. Five Hunnet & Mac Mini) 4. Cut Tonight (Feat. Alcatraz & Amir) 5. Everyday I Gotta Hustle 6. Fuck All The Drama 7. Hood Bitch (Feat. Eddi Projex) 8. I’m A Boss 9. Just You And I (Feat. Amir, Alcatraz & Don Changolini 4000) 10. Let Me Shine (Feat. Five Hunnet) 11. Money (Feat. Tune) 12. Porno Star (Feat. Umpa Nok) (Remix) 13. Really Get It Crackin 14. Really Mobbin (Feat. Laced, Beast Boy & Chingaso) 15. Swisher Symphony 16. They Don’t Give A Fuck About Me (Freestyle) 17. Tryna Do The Right Thing 18. You Can Get It Girl 19. Money Over Bullshit (Really Mobbin Premix)

Album Notes:
Californication is the soundtrack to life in California. The production on the album is top notch and the variety of concepts will appeal to a broad audience.

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